S.W.A.T. Institute

Empowerment Coaching Certification

So - Big News!

If you didn’t know I’m upgrading my skills - yes even more - after all, life is about learning!

This time it is with the S.W.A.T. Institute. I’m a current student working towards my Empowerment Coaching Certification.

So far I have learned so much more about myself and my relationships. I have been able to stand in my own courage and make some difficult - yet empowered - decisions. Decisions that I am proud of and that I know I made from an empowered place and not out of fear or because of “wanting to please”.

I will be adding this to my services very soon - when I graduate!

But -

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have this clarity for yourself? Wouldn’t you love to help empower others too? Would you like to gain an added skill and learn about yourself from an empowered position? If you answered yes to even one of these questions - please do yourself a favour and contact me HERE or go to my affiliate link (yes I believe in this SO much I partnered with them, and they believe in me and my success so much that they have given me this opportunity even though I am still working through the program!)


If you decide to sign up through my link - let me know - we can become study buddies! I will even offer a one hour reiki session upon confirmation. My gift to you for trusting in me.

If you have any additional questions about the course or would like to book a discovery call with the founder & CEO Crystal Andrus Morissette please contact me and I can arrange that for you!

I’ve also added in a quick “contact me” form at the bottom of this page for easy access!




Organo Gold - My favourite Coffee!


For well over a year I have been drinking this coffee. First of all I LOVE the taste. My favourite is their Organic King Coffee - but I love the black coffee and the latte as well - and they have more, mocha, hot chocolate, green and red teas... I could go on!

But - what I love the most are the health benefits! There are numerous! This is a HEALTHY (and yummy) beverage. For one I have noticed that I no longer have a quick crash or get the jitters after drinking I have had MUCH better sleep. I no longer get an upset stomach and the best part - I have noticed my aches and pains have lessened!

I’ve been part of a couple groups on Facebook and I am blown away by the different testimonials. I’ve benefitted greatly by only switching out my coffee to the Organo brand (not even every coffee I have actually - yet) and I have only been using the coffee, I can’t wait to see how much better I feel with using their whole line!

So - I’m taking the plunge - I’ve signed up as a distributor!! If you would like any information contact me HERE or check out my direct website https://biancakaterina.myorganogold.com/

If you have any questions I’ve also added in a quick “contact me” form at the bottom of this page for easy access!




Young Living Essential Oils and Products!

Young Living

Ah - young living essential oils. This is something I first stumbled upon in the early years of this journey of mine. I thought they were neat and I really liked all the benefits that they could provide. I loved the idea of natural herbs, flowers, and plants doing what all the chemical companies have tried. Back to basics. I wan’t a sceptic - but I guess I wasn’t quite ready for it way back then - more so for the price tag and the fact that ordering wasn’t convenient to me at the time - but it has drastically changed for the better!

Fast forward to 3 kids later and some major health issues that conventional medicine only made worse; and I decided to try one. I mean one. I bought one bottle of thieves essential oils because I loved the story with it and I had tried a friends once and it seemed to “work” and really helped.

I used that bottle up in the next two years and tried a few different varieties and brands, and although I did like some of the other brands and found the quality to be comparable it came back to my experience with thieves oil. I always knew I would get into essential oils more deeply one day and when Covid-19 hit, I decided it was time. I have been quietly building my collection, knowledge and experience over the past four months and am ready to share:

- What works for Me and my crew

- what blends I love - prepared/pre-made and ones I’ve put together myself

- what I’ve learned about carrier oils

- tips and tricks

And especially:

How to become a member yourself!

or if you want to try a little something you can go HERE and then email me at bianca@biancakaterina.com about the products you are interest in or the problems you are trying to alleviate or fix and I can come up with some ideas for you to try and put in an order for you or add them to my monthly orders - bonus I can “porch drop” them to you this way and I’ll cover the shipping. It’s that simple! I’ve also added in a quick “contact me” form below for easy access!