My Story

I have always loved the phoenix. The phoenix is a majestic bird adorned with feathers of either red, purple, or yellow.

In mythology, once departed from this world, the phoenix was said to be re-born across cultures and throughout time. A beautiful creature that rises, again and again, to serve its life's purpose.

It was only later in my life that I realized why the Phoenix spoke to me.

As a symbol of renewal and rebirth, this is what I, like so many of you, have been through time and time again.

Every ending is a new beginning, and every new beginning stems from some ending. Have you honoured your endings? Grieved them? Thanked them? Allowed them to teach you, guide you, and let yourself come out stronger and more knowledgeable through the other side - without being hardened?

It’s hard; it can be challenging and feel complicated when you are doing it alone and may not have proper support systems in place even if you have friends and family there for you. Not everyone has people in their life that truly understand what they are going through, and not everyone feels comfortable asking for help.

I’m here; I can help, and I will help - because I don’t want anyone else to feel alone. Not anymore.  

So, my aim with the skills I’ve developed is to help. This is my why, to help those who need it, want it, and are ready for it - but maybe, just need a little guidance or a push.

Healing is never easy. It is not something you just “get over“ - it takes time, and it takes working through layers upon layers of life's lovely and not so lovely experiences. You must be prepared to walk through it and heal in layers. This way you can become your authentic self, perfectly imperfect becoming stronger on the other side with the right people in your life. You need to work through your shadows, the darker parts of you that you pushed away long ago, to become whole again.

I know this myself, from personal experience. It hasn’t been easy for me, especially because I identified as a “people pleaser” and just wanted to help - everyone! The difference now is that I no longer come from a needy wounded place where I do not feel worthy unless I can "do" for others. I now realize you cannot pour from an empty cup and have learned how to make time for myself and have the courage and confidence to speak my truth. I want that for you too!

Renewing your mind, body, and spirit no matter the journey you are on.

Through the Empowerment Coaching Certification (soon to be certified) and the other healing modalities, I have added to my toolbelt, such as Holy Fire III Reiki, B.E.A.M., Meditation and other energy work I have done. I have come to realize the beauty of despair, the lessons I needed to learn, and the healing I needed to do to serve others like myself - like you.

Helping others, build or re-build their relationships (with yourself and others), and with the celebration of love and marriage have always been part of my DNA. I didn’t know why, but the universe did, and now the method and reasons are crystal clear.

Let me help you on your next journey and celebrate the renewal of your life!

With infinite love and gratitude,



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