Ordained Metaphysical Minister

If you find yourself here, you are about to embark on a new journey in this life. Whether you are looking to unite with your partner in marriage, looking to build a stronger relationship or amicably end one, I am here to help guide you.

We are all on our own unique journey.

Wherever you are, no matter where that is in your life right now or what your needs are, I believe our paths have crossed for a reason.  If you are ready for some assistance or a little bit of a push to become your best self in relationship, we can work together on this part of your journey to get you where you want to be. Together we can re-discover the path you were always meant to travel.



Wedding Officiant

As an Ordained Metaphysical Minister through the International Metaphysical Ministry and the Canadian International Metaphysical Ministry, I am licenced by the Province of Ontario to legally officiate your special day.


I’ve been training my whole life for this!

As a Metaphysical Minister, working towards my masters and doctorate in Metaphysical Counselling, with additional training through the S.W.A.T. Institute’s Empowerment Coaching Certification Program (Current Student- graduating soon!), and being Certified in Alternative Dispute Resolution through Durham College, with an additional degree in Legal Administration, I can help you sort out what your next best steps are for you individually or as a couple. I may have a lot of training, but I also have many life experiences to pull from.

Let's work together to get you back on track.


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Grateful Hearts Centre - This is a new addition focusing on wedding ceremonies (“Coming Soon” to include couples coaching! Stay tuned for details), specifically serving the Durham Region of Ontario. Outside of Durham Region is doable anywhere in the province of Ontario but may entail additional travel expenses and fees. For other areas within Canada, please contact me for details.


Bianca Katerina - A Healing Journey specializes and focuses on energy healing and personal coaching, serving the Durham Region of Ontario in person. Yes, I travel to you in Durham Region. Outside of Durham Region, please contact me for options. Available internationally with distance healing measures and through the magic of technology.